Duni Spirit of Christmas Crackers 10" ***SOLD OUT***

    • £21.58 for 100

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***SOLD OUT***

It is never too early to order your Duni Spirit of Christmas Crackers (Mixed Box). Crackers are subject to stock availability and start to diminish very quickly so avoid disappointment and order today! Simply place your order and give us your required delivery date and we will deliver your Christmas products when you need them.

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These 10" Spirit of Christmas Crackers (Mixed Box) are from the Duni Ecoecho range and proudly supports Shelter. By its sustainable design, the Spirit of Christmas crackers avoids using any plastic parts making this the ideal choice for an eco-conscious business.  What's more every box of Crackers you buy helps Shelter provide the vital support thousands of families need to stay in their homes or get back on their feet (minimum of 7% +vat of the selling price donated).

  • The Cracker and its contents are made from 100% renewable, plant-based material
  • The paper-based components are FSC® certified 

                      - Responsible forestry
                      -Traceability back to forest area
                      - Social responsibility for indigenous people in the area

  • After use, the cracker and its paper contents may be put in mixed paper waste for recycling. The wooden toy may not be recycled, but will not pose a problem in the environment even if landfilled. The contents are also suitable for energy recovery .
  • The toy, a wooden tree decoration is non-plastic, made from renewable, natural sources
  • The main gift is a 7% contribution to “Shelter the National Campaign for Homeless People Limited”

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