Mezclar Preciso Multi Measure Jigger NGS

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This elegant Stainless Steel Mezclar Preciso Multi Measure Jigger is perfect for measuring spirits and other alcohols when making cocktails. Made from stainless steel (brass joiner in middle) this Preciso should not rust, corrode or stain with water or any other highly acidic liquids. Unique for its multi-measure capabilities and markings. One side has your standard UK 25ml measure with the opposite being 50ml. 25ml has markings every 5ml and 50ml has markings every 10ml. These extra markings on both sides makes this the perfect jigger for all cocktail making and precise pouring. Use for the entire drinks process, hopefully without the need of another jigger measure and benefit from the taller/steeper angles that help to prevent spilling that can often occur with classic jigger designs. Not Government Stamped.