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Get the best equipment for your kitchen at a monthly cost you can afford across the Hobart Catering Equipment range. Owning the most innovative and energy efficient equipment on the market is now easier than ever thanks to Hobart’s Flexible Payment Plans.  Make sure you get the maching your business deserves, not just the one you can afford right now.  Find out more about Flexible Payment Plans here*.

Hobart UK is a renowed market leader in commercial catering equipment, warewashers and food preparation machines for the food service industry. 

Products shown online are representative of the range availabe, additional models are available on request.  

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500mm Basket Ecomax Under Counter Dishwasher

500mm Basket Ecomax Under Counter Dishwasher

Stock code: F504
Size: 576 x 604 x 820mm

£3,359.38 for 1

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